Australian grown, single origin coffee.

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Our family grows, processes, roasts, packages and distributes our award-winning coffee from our farm in the Byron Bay hinterland.

At Kahawa Estate Coffee we are involved in every step of the coffee process, from seed to roasted bean. Our hands-on approach ensures the consistency and quality of our coffee from our farm to your cup.

Surrounded by sub-tropical rainforest, our coffee trees are grown in rich volcanic soils, receive an abundance of rainfall and are free from pesticides. Because our coffee is grown right here in Australia we have a lower carbon footprint than other coffees, so you can feel good about every sip you take.

Our farm

Our family farm is the heart of our business. Meet our team and learn the reasons why we became coffee growers.

Our farm

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Follow the life cycle of our coffee, from a new flower on our tree to the beans you brew and drink.

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Our news

Find out what we’ve been up to and learn a thing or two about coffee in our latest articles.

Our news

We have been big fans of Kahawa coffee for some years now. With a spouse from Melbourne, great coffee is important in our house! We love the rich, complex flavour with its mildly fruity notes. It is a locally grown, truly Australian coffee and we love that too. It really ticks all the boxes so we always come back to Kahawa.”   David G. (Brisbane) 

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Our Coffee

Lava is our lighter, medium-bodied coffee. It has well-balanced flavours with a sweet and tangy finish. It is perfect for use in plungers, drip filters and percolators.

Magma is our darker, full-bodied coffee. It has rich, complex flavours that lack bitterness giving it a smooth velvety finish. Ideal for your espresso machine or stovetop coffee pot.

Discover how we get these unique flavours in our growing and roasting processes or head to our online shop to purchase our beans.

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