Kahawa Estate featured in Passion to Profit magazine

An interview with Jos Webber of Kahawa Estate coffee features prominently in the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Passion to Profit, the magazine of New Rural Industries Australia. Kahawa Estate imagery graces the cover while the issue also features an industry close-up on the Australian subtropical coffee industry (ASTCA).


New Rural Industries Australia is a private not-for-profit organisation, working to create an environment for the development and capacity building of new, innovative, Australian rural industries.


“We have learned a lot as coffee growers and welcome the opportunity to share our insight with others,” said Jos.


“It is also great to see a detailed profile of the Australian subtropical coffee indistry featured in the NRIA magazine. We represent approximately 35 growers on 300 ha with potential production of 600 tonnes of dry green bean per annum from around 850,000 trees.”


The vision for the ASTCA is for the profitable and environmentally sustainable production of coffee that is recognised worldwide for its quality, purity and distinctive flavour. The ASTCA is now in the process of developing a strategic plan to achieve this vision.