Kahawa Estate featured in Australia’s top 30 producers for 2015

There is one criterion for a good producer, and that is flavour. It doesn’t matter how many ethical, sustainable and humane boxes producers tick, if the lamb, chicken, cheese or fruit they are growing and making doesn’t taste good, they are not good producers. It’s as simple as that.


Time and time again, the best food comes from small, family-owned farms, where the farmers understand the basics, such as soil fertility. When producers add value to a primary product, the ones who make the best food work with the nature of the food, not against it.


The Good Food Guide recently released their list of Australia’s top 30 producers for 2015.  Kahawa Estate Coffee was the only coffee producer to make the list.  The fact that most of the chosen producers are small and ethical businesses is no coincidence.


Jos Webber, roastmaster at Kahawa Estate was delighted by this recognition.  “The Good Food Guide sets a high bar for food in Australia. We’ve been working hard over the past years to improve our product, and have been awarded medals at both the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.”


“This nomination, with the emphasis on local Australian producers, shows that our subtropical coffee can mix it with the best coffee that the world has to offer,” said Jos.