Kahawa Estate Coffee

A changing of the guard at Kahawa Estate

The beginning of 2022 marks the end of an era at Kahawa Estate, as well as an exciting new phase.


In 2004, Jos and Wendy Webber purchased a tired avocado and macadamia farm and transformed it into a 12,000 tree coffee plantation. It remains am amazing parcel of land, wrapped on two sides by natural creeks and cloaked in a large remnant of big scrub rainforest.  Over the past two decades they turned the land into an award-winning coffee plantation and restored the surrounding rainforest at the same time.


Kahawa Estate Coffee

Jos and Wendy Webber established Kahawa Estate coffee in 2004. (Photo: Doug Eaton)

“We’ve had an amazing journey with this farm over the past 18 years”, notes Jos.


“We have a very loyal and growing customer base right across Australia, who get to appreciate daily just how great an Australian coffee can taste. But Wendy and I are ready for our next challenge, and we wanted to be sure we were handing our plantation over to someone equally passionate about producing premium coffee.”


Australian coffee drinkers are very lucky to have Seth and Michelle Wreyford taking over the reins at Kahawa Estate from 2022.


“We had been looking for a way to reengage with our passion for farming, and Kahawa Estate came onto the market at just the right time”, remarked Seth.


“We have African heritage in common with Jos and Wendy, and my first job in Australia was in a coffee factory, so you could say this was meant to be!”


A few months into the handover at Kahawa Estate and we’re pleased to see the farm continuing on from strength to strength.  Jos and Wendy have provided a comprehensive handover to ensure that no stone was left unturned in passing on the required knowledge to keep the plantation humming.  They have shared their expert knowledge and experience, which has enabled Seth and Michelle to continue operating at a high standard and ensure the unique taste of Kahawa Estate Coffee remains.


Jos is not quite finished with the local coffee industry.  “We’ve assembled a sizeable knowledge bank on sub-tropical coffee over the past couple of decades.  I expect that we’ll remain connected into the broader industry, as well as with mentoring and support at Kahawa Estate”, says Jos.


“We’ve also got a number of new coffee varieties that will come on-line in coming years, and being able to lead/oversee this exciting program through to fruition will be really rewarding.”


However, the real winners of this smooth handover are without a doubt the coffee drinkers of Australia.  Kahawa Estate continues to be recognised as one of Australia’s most sought-after single origin coffees.  Rest assured that the uncompromising effort to ensure consistent high-quality coffee continues at Kahawa Estate.


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