Find out more about the people behind the bean.

At Kahawa Estate, we are dedicated to providing our customers with premium quality single origin coffee. From growing the coffee plants to the processing and roasting of the beans, everything is done on our family farm in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Our story

We purchased the beautiful Kahawa Estate to return to our passion for farming.

The farm was originally established by the Webber family in 2004 and is situated on the Alstonville Plateau in the Byron Bay hinterland.

We are continuing the legacy which they established, reflecting our African heritage through the name Kahawa, meaning coffee, from the Swahili language of eastern Africa. The K7 variety of Coffea arabica, which originated in Kenya, remains the variety grown in the plantation.

We take pride in managing the entire process of our coffee production, from tending the trees to packaging the beans for distribution, with onsite processing equipment and a roastery.

Our single origin products can be found in selected retail outlets and our online store.

Our farm

Our farm is the base for everything we do at Kahawa Estate. We tend the trees year-round, monitoring the maturing cherries for harvest then processing the crop. The harvested beans are stored in our climate-controlled facilities before roasting.

The farm, originally chosen for its ideal environment for growing Coffea arabica, is surrounded by sub-tropical rainforest in the Byron Bay hinterland of northern New South Wales.

We follow sustainable farming principles aiming to maximise organic matter and minimise artificial fertilisers. The red volcanic soils are fertile and well-drained and the sub-tropical location provides a reliable abundance of rain.

We are also fortunate to be free of the pests and fungal diseases that affect coffee crops in many tropical regions of the world. As a result, our single-origin coffee is pesticide-free.

Our people
Seth & Michelle Wreyford

As the new owners of Kahawa Estate, we are privileged to have the opportunity to return to the farming industry and to be part of a regional community.

Our backgrounds include experience on banana, citrus, vegetable and cattle farms in South Africa.

Seth has been counting beans all his professional life as a CPA with his first job in Australia at a coffee factory.

Michelle is a community nurse and is involved with helping improve the health of patients in the local area.

We are both committed to applying environmental and sustainable farming practices and are members of the Australian Subtropical Coffee Association.

People planting coffee at Kahawa Estate