Kahawa Estate Coffee

Kahawa Estate takes home two medals at the 2012 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

Results for the 2012 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Coffee Competition were announced this week with Australian coffee growers gaining awards for their coffee. Jos and Wendy Webber from Kahawa Estate Coffee won a bronze medal for their ‘Magma’ coffee in the “Espresso Short Black” class, while their ‘Lava’ coffee picked up a bronze medal in the “Plunger 100% Single Origin” class.


Established in 1998, the Sydney Royal Coffee Competition is one of Australia’s leading coffee competitions. The competition is independent, authoritative and impartial. The Competition is held in February every year as part of the Summer Fine Food Show. Coffee can be Australian grown or imported, provided the beans are roasted in Australia. Classes include latte, espresso, decafinated and plunger coffee.


The coffee competition attracts hundreds of entries from all over Australia.  The offerings from the different roasters are judged to internationally set criteria by a panel of judges who are experienced in coffee roasting, blending and cupping.  The judges see only entry numbers and are not allowed anywhere near the store room or area from where the coffee beans are dispensed.


Sydney Royal Competitions set the benchmark for agricultural excellence that underpins Australia’s agricultural performance ensuring a viable and prosperous future for our rural communities. For Sydney Royal competitors, a win is testament of achievement at the highest level. It is recognition of dedication, ability, uncompromising diligence and sheer hard work.


Coffees that score 90 or above are awarded a gold medal, those scoring from 82 to 89, a silver and a score of 74 to 81 gets a bronze medal.  Out of a total of 237 entrants, 21 coffees were awarded silver medals and 61 awarded bronze. Interestingly, no gold medal scores were attained this year.


Australian Subtropical Coffee Association President, Jos Webber, said “the awards were an indication that great tasting coffee is now being consistently produced by local growers. Our Association, which represents most of those involved in the local coffee industry, has been focussing on developing the distinctive flavour qualities of our sub tropical coffee. Our success in this year’s show is a very pleasing reward for these efforts”.


  • Original story by Australian Subtropical Coffee Association, 03 Mar 2012  [read more]